Butterflies of Bhutan (Of Butterflies, Flowers & Nature) is dedicated to all Bhutanese (Our Visionary Leaders, Generations from past, present and future) who cared and will care to care for Nature. It is only because of 'the care', we have what we have today, a pristine, rich and diverse nature of which Bhutan is known for.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day Trip to Lhungchutse

Lethe.sp from Dochula-Lhungchutse Trail, 11 Sept 2013
I went for this day excursion as an official escort for Mr.Yasuyuki Watanabe, a photographer and a researcher from the Butterfly Society of Japan. We began from Thimphu quite early as we had to hit the road before the clock ticks 8 in the morning. This is because today is Tuesday, which is a Pedestrian Day for Bhutan where the vehicular traffic freezes in the core area of the city at 8AM except for taxis, buses and tourist cars (Mr.Watanabe is not a tourist but an official guest so we couldnt get the Tourism Council of Bhutan's free movement sticker)
Anyway, we began from Thimphu a little before 0745Hrs to reach Dochula at 0840Hrs, only to find Dochula fogged. (not a good weather for butterflies). But the fog couldnt stop us from climbing the trail to Lhungchutse Goempa. Throughout the trail we couldn't get even a single common butterfly picture, forget about getting the picture of Teinopalpus emperialis:Kaiser-i-hind (Because i was hoping to at least see it). It was only on our way back, near Dochula we got the picture of this Lethe.sp (i have not been able to identify it). But nevertheless, I got some interesting photographs of Flowers & Nature.

For the Ones, to whom Lungdar blessing is not enough.

The crystal clear drop acts as a convex wide angle lens

The feathery inflorescence, i dont know of what. But many of these were lying on the foot path, so thought why not include this as a part of my nature collection.

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