Butterflies of Bhutan (Of Butterflies, Flowers & Nature) is dedicated to all Bhutanese (Our Visionary Leaders, Generations from past, present and future) who cared and will care to care for Nature. It is only because of 'the care', we have what we have today, a pristine, rich and diverse nature of which Bhutan is known for.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bhutan Tree Brown (Lethe margaritae): Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, 26th July 2012

This butterfly, Bhutan Tree Brown was very recently rediscovered in Bhutan. It was first discovered in Bhutan sometime in 1930s, probably by the same guys who discovered Ludlow's Bhutan Glory.

The rediscovery was made by a team consisting of surveyors from the Department of Forests and Park Services of Bhutan along with a researcher from Butterfly Society of Japan. I was among the four who first saw this butterfly. I had joined the team to represent Wildlife Conservation Division to conduct a research on Ludlow's Bhutan Glory (Bhutanitis ludlowi) in Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary.

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